Advance Termite System

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Advance Termite System

One of the most popular termite control products that is on the market today is the Advance termite system. The Advance termite system is a bait control product that is placed in certain places around the perimeter of your home and is non-invasive to the home itself. With some termite control products, the landscaping must be disturbed or holes must be drilled into your home’s slab base. The Advance termite system doesn’t require any of this.

The bait that is used in the Advance termite system is placed and locked into secure stations that don’t allow access by unwanted guests. That means that this bait is safe to have around children and pets. The bait is specifically tailored to catch termites before they get into your home and start to devastate the wood that your structure is built with.

The Advance termite system will kill the entire colony or colonies that are attacking or could attack your home. This is advantageous because chemical treatments only address parts of the colony – not the entire colony. If you ignore part of the colony, you will risk the continuation of termite damage and infestation, so it is best to eliminate them entirely and have peace of mind that you won’t have future problems.

The Advance termite system provides home and building owners with the latest advancement in termite bait technology by utilizing a dual-stage process. This process features and ultra low disturbance design to pattern the termite’s natural feeding behaviors. That alone will lead to enhanced colony elimination. The Advance termite system also has a unique second food source that has been shown to be preferred by termites over the wood used in most home along with other baiting systems.

With a baiting system used to eliminate termites, you need to provide the termites with a maximum amount of food to detract them from the wood in your structure. The Advance termite system uses a very large containerized bait load which allows for maximum bait to be fed to the colony in a shorter time frame. This allows for elimination of the colony faster and gives you a peace of mind that other baiting systems can’t provide.

The baiting stations provided by the Advance termite system are very sturdy. This is advantageous because it minimizes the possibility of tampering or damage from lawn mowers, children, and pets. The Advance termite system is definitely one of the more non-invasive options you can consider for termite control and one you should consider because of its proven ability to eliminate entire colonies of termites and protect your valuable home.