Bass Fishing Secrets Of Pro Bass Fishermen Remain A Mystery

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Bass Fishing Secrets Of Pro Bass Fishermen Remain A Mystery

When watching fishing tournaments on television many would-be professional anglers want to know the bass fishing secrets used by those who are paid to fish. From the time a person latches onto a largemouth lunker, they are hooked, unlike the ones that they believe are passing up their offering, because they don’t know the bass fishing secrets they need to consistently land the big ones.

The reality is, there really aren’t any deep dark bass fishing secrets, it is knowing and using the four rights of fishing that separate the professionals from the weekend wannabes. The first thing bass-catcher hopefuls need to know is the habits of the fish they are trying to catch. Knowing their habitat and meal times, plus the type of food they are probably looking for at a given time of day is one of the bass fishing secrets that help pile the pounds onto the daily catch.

Trees, docks, creeks and channels all are good hiding places for bass, and fishing all angles of these areas can lure the fish out of hiding. Once the likes and dislikes of the bass are understood, there are four things that have to be right in order to become a successful bass angler. Knowing a few bass fishing secrets will help land more fish, but it will take lots of fishing practice to join the pro tour.

Four Rights Of Successful Bass Fishing

While some may consider these right as no-brainers, thinking back on the last few times the bass were left in the water at the end of the day, try to remember which of these items were ignored. The right bait, presented in the right manner, in the right location at the right time of day are essentially all the bass fishing secrets needed. Of course, flipping and working the bait will play into attracting the big fish, but no matter how well you work the bait, if the four rights of bass fishing are wrong, the fish won’t leave the water.

Many believe the spinner baits are the gold standard for bass fishing and they will work well in many locations, on the lake, in rivers and streams, but there have been some large fish pulled in with fly equipment and live bait as well. Crank baits work for many anglers, but regardless of the bait, if the water isn’t right and the bait is in the wrong area of the lake, river or stream all the bass fishing secrets in the world will not help the fish find a new home.