Budget Family Camping: A Growing Trend

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Budget Family Camping: A Growing Trend

Is the cost of a family vacation a source of concern for you? Airline and train tickets have skyrocketed in recent months due to the rise in gasoline prices. Booking a weekend in a hotel for a family of four could cost the equivalent of a week’s salary, and that does not include meals. These factors leave many families with a small budget wondering how they can afford to take a family vacation without breaking the bank. Budget family camping may be the answer.

The option of packing the family car and driving out to a secluded place at the lake or in the woods sounds ideal to some families. Let’s face it; we all want to get away from the incessant ringing phones, the sound of traffic, and the responsibilities of life now and then.

Budget family camping doesn’t require much planning for a pleasant trip. Many campgrounds around the country offer overnight camping for tent campers ranging anywhere from $7-25 a night which is far less than the cost of even the most budget priced hotel. Even if the family chooses to camp in their Recreational Vehicle (RV) the rates usually, do not exceed $35 per night in all but the most exclusive parks. Most of the government owned National Parks now have online systems in place for booking camping trips in advance. A family can plan their budget family camping trip as much as a year in advance, in almost any state.

Once the reservations are made the family simply packs their bedding, extra clothes, fishing gear, and their food before heading off for their budget family camping trip for some family togetherness time.

If you have never taken a camping trip before you will need to invest in some camping gear which will last for several years. For a family of four your budget family camping trip will require the following gear:

• A good size cooler to keep food and drinks cold
• Disposable cups, plates and silverware
• Quality sleeping bags for each family member ($40-60 per person)
• Tarps for ground cover under the tent (keeps out moisture) around $8-10
• Battery powered lantern, extra batteries (less messy)
• Family tent (buy bigger than you think you need) $80-170
• Basic game gear- balls, bikes, horseshoes, dominoes, cards.
• Fishing tackle box, bait, fishing poles, (optional).

Once you purchase the gear for the first trip you will have what you need for each additional budget family camping trip. You will probably keep adding items as you continue camping. Many campers find it addicting to get away at least once or twice a year with the family.