Fishing For Catfish The Right Way

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Fishing For Catfish The Right Way

We can successfully catch catfish by following some of the fundamental methods. It should be clear that each and every rule or method couldn’t be applied to water of all types. The reason is that, techniques and baiting mixtures vary from one target to the other.

List of simple yet effective methods:

Rigging – Loop the bait holder or the treble hook from the beginning of a line towards the end, to a distance of choice ideally between 18” to 24”. The choice of distance should be according to the bait that is being used. You must use a weight to keep the rig still because any movement of bait is not advisable. You can also use slipweight to keep the bait stable. The purpose of the weight is to just be able to slide in the line. This way the weight will not be felt by the fish and by the time it would sense that the bait is not real, it would be too late. Through multibait technique multiple catches can be made at the same time. Just place three- way swivel along the line, simple. The more it strikes the more are the chances of catching catfish in huge quantity.

Bait – Chicken livers or medium sized shrimps from the groceries are the ideal choice of experts. Body of the shrimp should be large enough to slide up in a no.6 hook. Its tail and skin should be taken off. Here it becomes easier, unlike in the case of chicken where use of pantyhose is essential. To the treble hook, a diameter of a quarter, wrapped in a piece of pantyhose with a tag end is attached. The following can also be considered good baits: blood worms, minnows, catfish paste, night crawlers, snails, living or dead small fish and dough baits. Natural baits are best.

Chumming – Through this method the fishermen are able to catch more catfish. Just throw in the fishing area, balls made up of a combination of natural recipes. In this way more and more catfish get lured. Remember to throw enough mixture so that the catfish can feed completely. The same recipe should be attached to the hook, which will be used for fishing. Use of a pleasant smelling flavor in the mixture will do wonders.

Tackling – Through this method a great amount of catfish get attracted. The tackle should have a spinning real and it should be about 6 feet long. Use of heavier lines mean longer time to catch the fish. Cost should not be the concern as experience drawn from both cheap and costly tackle is the same. Always try to remove the hooks with the pliers after the catch is over. Ensure that the grip is secure. Some fins are poisonous so completely get rid of them. Simply slide your hand up to the fish’s stomach from its tail. Place your fingers on one side and your thumb on the other. Then remove the catfish from the hook without hurting yourself. All the best for successful catfishing.