Fishing or Boating or both

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Fishing or Boating or both

A study performed in 2007 by RBFF revealed that people are more likely to choose boat fishing rather than fishing or boating as a separate form of recreation.

The study was based on 3 categories, Boater, Angler and Boating Angler.

The study showed that people are more attracted to the idea of boat fishing rather than fishing only. The study also revealed that people are more likely to buy a boat to fish rather than buying a boat just for recreation purposes.

The study revealed that fishermen who do not currently own a boat are actively looking around to buy one and the purchase is likely to happen within the next 12 months.

Those who boat fish are also more likely to have a different perspective on the environment rather than those who just fish or own a boat for general recreation.

The study showed that fishing motivates people to get out on the water in a boat and that more than half of all boats sold, are bought for deep sea fishing.

The idea of the study was to reveal which market would be better promoted. Boating or Fishing, however, the study revealed that there was a greater market for Boat Fishing as people who like to fish are more likely to buy a boat to go fresh or sea water fishing.

Although these statistics revealed that boat fishing is more popular, not everyone can afford to purchase a boat, therefore, alternatives such as taking a deep sea fishing trip is also highly appealing.

Statistics show that people like the idea of jumping in a boat and going deep sea fishing, especially if you are already a fisherman, therefore, promoting the idea of deep sea fishing trips for those who cannot afford to purchase their own boat would also appeal to a niche market.

So not only is their a market to sell boats as well as fishing equipment, there is also a market to promote deep sea fishing trips.

Most anglers today will tell you that they were first introduced to fishing around the age of 8 to 9 and generally through family members. They said they would be more likely take up fishing if their friends had the same interest.

Children today who are interested in fishing probably own their own fishing rod and are aware of which bait and weights to use. They likely head off down the local river with their friends for a fun day of fishing.

It is of course highly unlikely they can afford to buy their own boat, but the idea of going on a deep sea fishing trip will greatly appeal to them.

You do not need to be an experienced fisherman to take a deep sea fishing trip nor do you need to fork out the cost of purchasing the equipment needed to take a trip.

A large percentage of day trip fishing boats provide all the equipment you need as well as having experience to hand for those who are not familiar with deep sea fishing.

Generally you can take a trip any time of year, day or night, as long as the trip co-ordinators provide this service.

So for you fishermen out there who love the idea of boat fishing yet cannot afford your own boat, there is still an alternative option for you. Take a deep sea fishing trip.