Fishing Reel Basics

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Fishing Reel Basics

Different fishing reels are needed for different waters and fishing styles.

Fishing reels are the most essential component of fishing gear. However, there are so many manufacturers and so many different types of fishing reels, how do you know which one is best for you. The three main kinds reels – spin casting, bait casting, and spinning all have their pros and cons. The type you need depends on what kind of fishing you do.

Using a fishing reel for the first time can be frustrating, especially if they style of reel is new to you. Beginners often start with a closed-face reel which helps keep the line from tangling. The most popular style is probably the spin-cast or spinning reel. With these the reel hangs under the rod and the line is held on an open spool. The line is controlled by a bail for casting and tension knobs for controlling the fight. Casting takes a little practice, but keeping your forefinger pressing the line against the handle before casting will prevent the line from coming off the spool.

Baitcasting on the other hand takes a fair bit of practice in order to become accurate and avoid line tangles. You must master controlling the tension of the line. To do this you need to match the weight of the lure to the tension on the line and then finally the power of your cast. But once you do, they’re great fun and allow very accurate casts in very tight spots. For this reason alone they are a popular choice with pro bass fishers.

Learning to use all three types of fishing reels will give you an enormous advantage when you go fishing. By matching your reel and other fishing gear to your type of fishing you will have much greater success.