Fly Fishing Gear

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Fly Fishing Gear

The term “fly fishing gear” can be used to refer to a lot of parts of your fly fishing supplies. In this article, we’ll discuss various piece of fly fishing gear that are important to have on hand. You already know you need a rod and reel, but there’s so much more involved in your fly fishing gear.

Of course, you’ll need to have a variety of flies to use as bait for the fish. Flies are meant to mimic the look and movement of a fish’s natural food source. Some fish prefer different flies, and when you use what they are used to eating, your chances are better of landing a bite. Keep several different types of flies close at hand so you can choose the right fly for the specific fish you are angling for.

You will also need to have several different weights of lines so you can switch them out if you find yourself in waters with larger fish. Of course, your fly rod has a lot to do with what line to use, but if you have an 8 nwt rod and are finding some 10 pound fish, go ahead and switch to a 10 nwt line to increase your chances of winning a fight with that prize-winning trout.

Part of your fly fishing gear includes what you wear while fishing. You’ll need to have a good pair of waders so you can keep dry while going after your fish. Pick a pair of waders that will meet your fishing situation. Chest high waders are usually a good choice because they allow you to wade in all depths of water.

You will also need a fishing vest with lots of pockets that will hold your flies, line, and other pieces of gear. The pockets should fasten with Velcro so that you have easy access to what you need. You don’t want to be on the water and realize you need a different fly only to miss out on a passing school of fish because you were fumbling with your pockets.

A good pair of fishing pliers is almost a necessity. Many rivers and streams are exclusively catch and release water. That means that once you catch the fish, you need to let it go. This helps propagate the population and promote healthy fishing at all times. You will want an easy way to get the hook out of the fish’s mouth without causing harm to its body. Fishing pliers are designed to do just that.

Finally, your fly fishing gear should include a waterproof camera. If you are lucky enough to land a whopper, you’ll want to document it as part of your prize!

When you are amassing your fly fishing gear, things can eventually get out of hand. Many fly fishermen have an abundance of gear with the possibility that they might need something specific in a certain situation. That’s just fine, but the essentials that are listed above are a start!