Fly Fishing With Orvis

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Fly Fishing With Orvis

Orvis is one of the most well-known names in the sport of fly fishing. They are the oldest mail order company in the United States and have been catering to their customers since 1856! Orvis does have other products beside fly fishing equipment, but all of their products do cater to people who have a love of the outdoors.

The biggest product line at Orvis is fly fishing gear and clothing. Their extensive collection of fly rods puts any other company to shame. They carry virtually everything a fly fisher needs from fly tying supplies to pre-made flies to vests and lines.

When you visit their website at, you will find almost everything you could ever imagine for fly fishing supplies. If you’re interested in accessories, they’ve got it all. They even carry specialty sunglasses designed especially for fly fishers.

Orvis has a popular and well-known fishing school. Classes are conducted all over the United States in some of the most popular fly fishing spots. You learn all types of fishing techniques as well as casting and how to find the most fish in the waters you are fishing.

Orvis also offers some great fly fishing trips all over the world for people who visit their website. They are such a big name in the fly fishing industry, they take the time to research various destinations and lodges to give them their endorsement as worthy of their quality. You can trust Orvis when they suggest you stay in a specific lodge.

But Orvis also offers you much more. Their website has instructional articles that can help any fly fisher – both the novice and the experienced. They give a glossary of terms for beginners; tell you how to choose a fly line, and other helpful information like how to sharpen a hook.

You can even watch instructional videos on their website. These videos highlight everything from their product lines to endorsed guides and outfitters. You can learn about various fly rods, different types of waders, and tips on the best lines to choose.

Want to learn how to tie different knots? Orvis offers animated instruction in their fly fishing store that will guide you step by step. You can even post a question for their fly fishing experts.

Orvis is truly a full-service fly fishing company with a lot to offer. You’ll find so many products and so much information when you both go to their website and order their catalog. They are very trusted in the fly fishing industry. When you get fly fishing supplies from Orvis, you can be assured you are getting quality equipment from a company you can rely on.