Halibut and Salmon Fishing in Seward, Alaska

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Halibut and Salmon Fishing in Seward, Alaska

When you talk about fishing and Alaska, you will probably think of Seward. Seward is the Saltwater Sport Fishing Capitol of Alaska. It is where the biggest fishing sports are held, not to mention the fist in Alaska for Coho salmon and halibut catch, as well as other fish like ling cod, and more.

Halibut and salmon fishing in Seward, Alaska is not new, at least not to the locals and frequent visitors. Well, how could it be when it is the place where big fishing games are held? The halibut and salmon fishing in Seward, Alaska start in the month of April when the temperature start to rise and the snow start to melt. It is also the time when this small coast community starts into to become alive. Fishing gears are prepared, the fishing boats are repainted and visiting fishing enthusiasts are starting to come to experience one of the best seasons of Seward, Alaska – fishing season!

As a matter of fact, halibut and salmon fishing in Seward, Alaska start a little earlier than it is supposed to be. March is the break up month, where the king salmon leave the saltwater and start their way to freshwater. Even during this time, eager fishermen are already waiting to have their share of early fishing season catch. Then comes April, the month where the powerful halibut turn up on the docks of Seward. Actually, the halibuts are present the whole year, but they are likely to go deeper in the winter months and come back, showing off themselves in the warmer months as their food tend go closer to shore.

On the month of May, when the snow is almost gone, the boats go out for fishing on most days. But on the following month, June, summer is the time where great things start to happen. Halibut and salmon fishing in Seward, Alaska during this month will be an exciting experience for you will never go home empty-handed. You surely will catch halibut and/or salmon daily during the entire summer. The weather, too, will match up with your enthusiasm as you go fishing for halibut and salmon.

As the month progresses, July is the time of roasting heat. It is the time when halibut and salmon fishing in Seward, Alaska never gets any better. In the month of August, the exciting fishing activities continue to keep the fishermen busy through great fishing and handful of catch. September is when the temperature gets a little by this time, but it doesn’t mean the fishing is over – cold weather is just the sign of the culmination of fishing season. Don’t worry; there is still another year to come to satisfy your craving for halibut and salmon fishing in Seward, Alaska.