Lion Hunting

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Lion Hunting

Like many other hunting games, lion hunting is one of the most challenging. The mighty “King of the Beasts”, celebrated in many Hollywood movies and adventure hunting novels, exudes majesty and power and is always a breathtaking sight to hunters. The thrill and adventure in gazing into the lion’s unforgettable yellow eyes and it’s earth shattering roar only uplifts the lion hunter’s choice of game. A new perspective of life can come when hunting for a hungry lion in dense vegetation and on foot.

Lion hunting can be a really expensive choice of game. Since some places have had the shortage of good realistic lion hunting areas, prices of fair chase hunts have skyrocketed. Be ready to pay anything from $40,000 upwards for a good Lion concession. In some areas of Botswana and Zambia, prices are even higher; you may expect to pay $75,000 upwards for Lion hunting.

Lions are extensive throughout Africa where water and food is adequate. They rest during the daytime and hunt at dusk, stalking preys downwind before finally ending its hunt. A lion’s common preys are herds of buffalo, zebras, and other wild beasts where panic and confusion can be caused. It is not uncommon to find Lion spoor on the track of a herd of buffalo. Although they’re not always successful, they are extremely efficient hunters and opportunists that often rob the young of cheetahs and leopards.

Lion hunting in most countries is often done with baiting. This strategy of lion hunting is first done by hunting bait, usually a zebra, buffalo, or hippo or any other large animal. The bait is hanged or fastened to a tree in an area were a lion is likely to pass. This bait is checked every day until signs of a hit or a strike on the bait. Large spoor or long hairs with black tips on the bait indicates building of a “blind” on the ground or in a tree nearby where the hunter will wait, usually from mid-afternoon or early mornings. The time spent waiting in the blind for the Lion is one of the most exciting and interesting part of lion hunting. In this part of lion hunting, the hunter has to remain absolutely still and silent, and can often here the lion breathing as they pass as close to the hunter. The hunter then takes a best shot on the shoulder blades to the vital organs. Head and neck shots are not recommended. Sometimes as lions are not heavy bodied, the “Texas heart shot” is very effective.

Botswana, one of good lion hunting places was reopened in 2005 after a long closure. Prices of lion hunting concessions went sky high, reaching to $100,000 range. If you’re the type to spend as much as this for a good chase, this is probably Africa’s best remaining lion hunting place done on foot by tracking with the use of baits, a true fair chase lion hunting for a very true price.