New York State Park Campgrounds: A Perfectly Natural Home Away From Home

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New York State Park Campgrounds: A Perfectly Natural Home Away From Home

While New York City gets much of the press, it is New York state park campgrounds that have captured the hearts of many northeastern travelers. There is just something so incredibly comforting about spending time in these scenic playgrounds. Once you’ve visited one of the premiere New York state park campgrounds, chances are you’ll be hooked for life, given the variety of amenities they offer.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular of the New York state park campgrounds is Allegany State Park. In fact, this campground was named in 2007 as a Top “Amazing Spot” in the nation. The park is vast, measuring some 65,000 acres. It is perhaps best known for its primitive forests, lovely fall foliage, and amazing wildlife. The park is divided into two developed areas—Red House and Quaker. Both locations boast sandy beaches, enchanting picnic grounds, fascinating museums, and challenging hiking trails. The park facility is a favorite for both dedicated walkers and bike riders, thanks to its miles of paved trails.

Meanwhile, the Art Roscoe Ski Touring Area offers both cross country skiing and mountain bike trails—perhaps some of the greatest trails in all of the Northeast. The park is also a favorite of snowmobilers, thanks to its 90 miles of snowmobile trails. In addition, at Allegany State Park you can enjoy fishing, hunting, snowshoeing, canoeing, and horseback riding.

Because Allegany State Park offers a variety of camping facilities, it is one of those New York state park campgrounds that is appropriate for both weekend warriors and extended stay vacationers. The park is home to some 424 campsites, 375 cabins, and three group camps. You can also rent one of the park’s comfortable vacation cottages.

Another one of the most popular New York state park campgrounds is Moreau Lake State Park, which has been listed as one of the top 100 campgrounds in the U.S. This incredible camping site is known for its hardwood forests and tranquil grounds, along with its pristine beachfront. At Moreau Lake, you can enjoy hiking, boating, cross country skiing, and even ice fishing. The site also features a wooden pavilion which can accommodate as many as 120 people. It’s also a user-friendly site, since vacationers can easily rent fishing gear, snowshoes, beach lounges, and beach umbrellas. Meanwhile, the famed Lake Shore Cottage boasts a refrigerator, stove, bathroom with shower, fireplace, and screened porch.

New York state park campgrounds are well-maintained and well-equipped to meet your vacation needs. They’re appropriate for both winter fun and summer sunbathing and can provide you with a lifetime of wonderful memories.