Autumn Splendor Conehead 2 Pack Dry Flies Nymphs Fly Fishing Flies Kit


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Streamer and Leech patterns are designed to imitate subsurface creatures such as minnows bait fish and leeches. They are usually larger and heavier than most fly fishing patterns. Often these patterns require a specific fly line that is designed to cast heavy flies. Streamers and leeches can be effectively fished in rivers and lakes alike. By stripping the fly quickly and sometimes with jerky movements you can entice a fish to strike with force. Gofor Fishing flies have a long standing reputation for creating quality creative flies that are constructed of the very best materials available. Each Gofor Fishing fly is skillfully handtied with great precision to offer you the very best fishing flies possible. Gofor Fishing’s fly patterns are not only second to none in quality but they are also very durable. For over 40 years Gofor Fishing fishermen have designed unique flies that offer you hundreds of patterns to choose from.Skillfully handtiedConstructed from the best materials availableStreamerSpecies: Trout Bass CrayfishConehead


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