Bead Head Crystal Wooly Bugger Fly Fishing F Dry Flies Nymphs Fly Fishing Flies Kit


FLY FISHING FLIES: Gofor Fishing??s Wooly Bugger are wet streamer flies designed for freshwater fish such as trout panfish bass crappie bluegill steelhead salmon and more. It is believed that the first Wooly Bugger pattern was tied by Russell Blessing in 1967 and it has been fished ever since. It imitates many patterns such as a hellgrammite or a minnow and can be fished in slow fast and still waters. It is a must have in any fisherman’s fly box!
DIFFERENT HOOK SIZES AVAILABLE: When it comes to sizes it??s important to choose the one that best suits the type of fish you want to catch. Remember: the larger the number the smaller the hook size. These flies come in 4 different sizes (3 of each size) 6 8 10 12 and 4 different colors olive white black & brown so you can always match what the fish are feeding on. Simply choose the color you want and you will receive a total of 12 units.
HAND TIED: With over 30 years of experience our professionals hand tie each fly to ensure top quality and we can guarantee that you??ll only receive the best ones.
MAKING FISHING FUN AND EASY: At Gofor Fishing we want you to enjoy your fishing day without worrying too much. We use highquality hooks to make hooking and landing a fish easier and this is what makes our flies ideal for both beginners and experienced fishing enthusiasts.
Gofor Fishing FISHING LURES SELECTION: Gofor Fishing offers the largest selection of fishing baits to meet all your flyfishing needs. Crafted in the supervision of the highest professionals thousands of our flies have been sold all over the world. We offer a wide selection of new and innovative pattern flies including nymphs wooly buggers adams flies worms and eggs so that you can keep your fishing box updated and the fish guessing with our intelligently designed flies.

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