Boogle Poppers Dry Flies Nymphs Fly Fishing Flies Kit


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Many anglers measure popping bug value in dollars per bug. To them a $3 bug is a better value than a $6 bug. At BoogleBug we measure popping bug value in dollars per fish. A $6 bug that catches 50 fish is a better value than a $3 bug that falls apart after 10 fish. Do the math! If you want real popping bug value try some BoogleBugs today.

A few years ago we were searching for some durable bass bugs and panfish bugs for our own warmwater flyfishing. We wanted to locate bugs like we used to get from Bob Guess** who had taught us the art of bug making many years before. We were also looking for a good business opportunity at the same time. When neither quest proved fruitful we decided to combine them and thus BoogleBug began. After extensive product development we searched the entire world for skilled craftspeople who could produce our bugs to our exacting standards. Through a series of remarkable providences we located them among some rural villagers in remote Southwest China. Though they never had even heard of fly fishing our workers quickly learned to produce exceptional quality warmwater flies. Try some BoogleBugs today and experience the results of their expertise for yourself!

High Quality Construction

  • Premium Grade Cork Bodies
  • Mustad Signature Hooks
  • Strong Hook to Cork Bond
  • Resilient Polymer Finish
  • Clogfree Hook Eyes
  • Quality Materials and Tying
  • Fish Catching Design

  • Noisy BooglePopper Style
  • Quiet BoogleBullet Style
  • New Amnesia Bug Style
  • Precision Graphic Detailing
  • Strike Enticing Materials
  • Sizes 4 through 10
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