Curly Tailed Jointed Muskie Pike Fly Musky F Dry Flies Nymphs Fly Fishing Flies Kit


NEW Hand tied Jointed Muskie Fishing Lures for Big Game Fly Fishing. Excellent trolling Lure can be used for Musky Pike Pickerel Big Largemouth Bass Smallmouth Bass Stripers; any large predator will go crazy for the articulated flowing action of these flies. Peacock Bass from Florida to Brazil love the flashy colors.Great trailer or teaser when you want a larger profile baitfish for Saltwater Striped Bass Grouper. There’s nothing like catching a Shark on the Fly!
Every Haggerty Lure is currently hand tied to order in the USA. Many are tied by US Veterans in our Vises for Vets project signified by an American Flag sticker on our packaging. Wellthought out articulated flies are 7 to 8″ long on a sturdy Black Nickel 5/0 hook that can handle hard strikes and toothy critters. The joints allow the lure to move naturally in the water with increased action mimics real fish movement.
The addition of a Micro Fiber Ultra Suede curly tail will help this fly hold up well and eliminate the need for tipping it. Called by many names the Muskellunge always puts up one heck of a fight and catching one on a Fly will be the highlight of your fishing experience!
This fly has 1 joint with a single hook towards the middle to rear of the fly. Hagg’s Musky Lures feature the right bright flashy colors premium Whiting grizzly feathers with a combination of Bucktail deer hair and marabou feathers mixed with flash for the bling Muskies crave. Bucktail gives the fly stability and strength while marabou flows enticingly fluttering in the water to catch the attention of finicky fish. Total length is 7″8″ long. when the tail is stretched out”

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NEW Curly Tail Haggerty Muskie Fishing Lures our articulated Fly with a Fish Skulls Fish Mask and a sturdy tail made of Ultra Micro Fiber Suede. This jointed fly combines premium Bucktail Marabou and Flashabou on a sturdy 5/0 hook that’ll stand up to toothy predators like Muskie and Pike with tons of action. Add in coveted Whiting Grizzly feathers to match and you’ll be catching fish all day. Tied 7 to 8″ long! Great for Peacock Bass too! We hand tie every lure knotting and gluing key points for durability. We want your fish to tear it up because of a good fight not a poorly made lure! All Gofor Fishing are tied well enough to be used by Professional and Tournament Anglers but you don’t have to be a Pro to fish them. Experience the Haggerty difference in quality; they’re worth the wait. Called by many names Muskie Musky Northern Pike Pickerel Muskellunge Tiger Musky muskelunge milliganong maskinonge also perfect for sauger largemouth smallmouth bass smallies. Can be used as a Saltwater Fly trailer or teaser. Great trolling Fly. You’ll be surprised what big game fish you’ll get. When using this lure in Saltwater remember to always rinse in fresh water and let dry before putting it in your tackle or fly box for a longer lasting fly. Gofor Fishing is known for custom quality work. Don’t be fooled by cheaper imitations there is a difference.


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