Riverruns Best Assortment Flies Combo with A Dry Flies Nymphs Fly Fishing Flies Kit


25 the most effective Still water & lake Collection.This collection includes 1 of each of the following flies plus a fly box.
Black & Red Chironomid Bombers #14#16 each 1pc Silver & Green Chironomid Bombers #14#16 each 1pc Poxyback Callibaetis #16#18 each 1pc Marabaetis Callibaetis Olive #14#16 each 1pc Marabaetis Callibaetis Tan #14#16 each 1pc Olive Damsel Nymphs #12#14 each 1pc Brown Olive scud #14 1pc Orange Scud #14 1pc Flashback Pheasant Tails 1pc Floating Snail #14 1pc Adult Damsel #14 1pc Extended Body Callibaetis #16#18 1pc Elk Hair Caddis Tan #16 1pc Parachute Black Gnats #14
Hooks which are made in Japan Eupheng Plus from carbon steel. They have chemically sharpened points which makes flattening the barbs for ‘catch and release’ a simple task.
Our flies are subjected to multiple quality checks to ensure that the flies are all best quality products. They are all tired by professionals we promise that you will be 100% satisfied with the quality of our flies.
We use the new materials and best hooks to tie our high quality flies with these unique patterns and realistic look. We will pack carefully and shipping safety so you receive your flies in their original shapes for perfect placement in water.

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