Salmon Fishing Gear

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Salmon Fishing Gear

Getting ready for the big day? Are you so eager for the day’s catch? Who would, it’s the phase of the summer run and salmons are heading en masse towards that water basin a few miles away. You may make it through the day with a Chinook in tow or a couple of Cohos. That would be a pleasant way to end the day.

But don’t be so eager that you start your adventure with half the equipment you should use. Nothing sucks as having a short supply on roe, or having no spare lines in case your dry fly needs drying. Check this salmon fishing gear list and see what’s to bring and what’s not.

Fishing Rods
It’s almost impossible to miss bringing your tackle. But if in case it’s true, then you really deserve a space with those fishes. In any case, rods require a bit of preplanning. Decide what salmon species you are going to take. If you are averse to taking those gargantuan Chinooks and seeks comfort on smaller trout, then you could go for light freshwater rods. If you wish to annoy those tackle breaker Chinooks, increase your chances with larger rods, such as Shakespeare Bigwater Powerod.

Lighter rods don’t mean light challenges however. In fact, fly fishing is the most challenging fishing method. For fly rods, I would suggest the Pflueger Trion Fly Rod. Made of graphite it is considerably light but sturdy. Aluminum coatings and hardware protect the metal workings and top grade cork grips would reduce the chances of the rod slipping off your fingers in case the fish decides to play rough.

There are reels that assist for mooching, and there are reels that aids in landing an insurgent salmon. Power assisted reels like the Dendoh Tanacom Bull will tow your catch to you or tow the angler to the fish. It’s that strong. And it has several readouts that make this baby a capable reel. But sometimes what you need is delicate touch and deft control. Fly fishing requires that type of control. Then the Tica Fishmaster Reel, with its precision drag system should be the best reel for you.

Fishing Lines
Fishing lines are the ones that dictate a successful catch. Getting a stouter line isn’t the wisest choice, the visibility of the line makes the salmon timid even to sniff at your bait. A line like Canjun Advantage Line is the best example of lines for higher play. When Cajun Red Line starts to sink three feet to the water, it becomes invisible. How about that for the most realistic jigging?

The best part of fishing is that no one regulates your stuff. So try to bring the salmon fishing gear that meet certain demands. A strong rod, powered reel, sturdy line for the 50 pound game, a lightweight agile tackle for the smaller game or the higher play.