Salmon Fishing

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Salmon Fishing

Fishing is an emerging sport. Not the usual adrenaline rush, blood pounding, chest heaving, sweat flowing mostly attributed to physical sport, fishing is emerging as another breed of sport, a laidback sport that can be readily engaged disregarding skill and experience. Just like golf, fishing has started to roll en masse, regaining popularity over new timers and baby boomers and rekindling those old timers and fishing veterans to take up tackles and rods once again.

Of all fishing sport, a few have gotten worldwide attention. Tarpon fishing is already a world renowned ocean game fish since these underwater behemoths fight back reel for reel. And for coastal water fishing species, nothing dominates more than salmon fishing.

Tarpon fishing over the Caribbean and the Atlantic, salmon fishing over coastal rivers with considerable watersheds, those that actively pursue fishing always end over these two categories. Tarpon fishing, for its ocean habitat, is more costly but provides immeasurable challenge; salmon fishing, on the other hand offers opportunities all throughout the year. For that, salmon fishing a more pursued fishing sport.

The most coveted prize in salmon fishing, the King salmon (also known as Chinook), can easily rival the adrenaline during Tarpon chases. These massive fishes whose weight could reach more than 100 pounds can easily overpower less resolute anglers or substandard equipments. Though 10-50 pound juvenile Chinooks are sometimes caught, the King salmon also never gives up easily. A good number of pro anglers are regularly beaten by the King salmon, juvenile or adult especially at fly fishing. And this is what made them come back for more.

The next prize in line is the Coho salmon, or the Silver salmon. It is also a fiery fighter that leaps, twists, and somersaults in the air to free itself from the hook, and its weight of usually 20 – 30 pounds can easily rip the rods away from your fingers. Since it is much smaller than the King salmon, the Coho salmon often grazes the riverbanks and marshy places in search for food or lay eggs. That makes them accessible to anglers doing fly fishing on river banks.

There are other types of salmon of lesser interest but still provide exceptional salmon fishing. The Pacific Ocean salmon species for one has several subspecies under its category, and among is the King salmon and the Silver salmon. Others include the Sockeye salmon, the Pink salmon, the Chum salmon, and Cherry salmon. Another breed is the Atlantic Ocean salmon species and it includes the Atlantic salmon and other land locked salmon subspecies.

Perhaps the greatest reason of why salmon fishing is the dominant fishing sport is probably because salmon is the largest game fish in distribution. Other reasons would include it palatable taste.