What Is And Is There a Bass Fishing Secret?

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What Is And Is There a Bass Fishing Secret?

The first and most important thing you need to know about the bass fishing secret is that there is no real secret for catching bass or any other kind of fish. The only bass fishing secret is that there really isn’t any. It’s true…

It’s important to know what kind of bass you are fishing for. There are several different kinds of bass for example there is the large mouth bass, the small mouth bass, the white bass, fresh water bass and so on.

Once you have figured out which bass you are fishing for then you can move on to the bass fishing secret bait.

PSST… That’s one of the little bass fishing secrets…

For this article I will be fishing for the most common bass, the big mouth bass. The bass fishing secret for the big mouth is to know what it eats in its natural nature. That may seem like a difficult question to ask yourself but the answer is fairly simple:

The big mouth eats everything from flies to small birds, basically if it hits the water the big mouth will eat it.

The type of bass fishing secret – bait you use depends on the angler, if you like to use real bait then night crawlers are exceptional for bass but if you prefer artificial bait then I would recommend using plastic worms with a Texas rig. I have found this to work well for me.

Now that you have figured out what kind of bass you are fishing for and what kind of bait you want to use lets move on.

The next bass fishing secret would be: where to go to catch?. You can go just about anywhere to catch a big mouth. You can go to a stream, pond, river or lake.

Where ever you go big mouth bass are usually found near shore under brush, fallen trees and/or limbs, or near rocks. Very rarely are they found in the middle of the lake.

Another bass fishing secret that is good know is when the best time of the year to catch bass is. You can catch big mouth any time of the year, spring, summer, winter, fall it really doesn’t matter; it all depends on what the angler prefers.

I prefer the fall because the bass are eating everything they can to fatten up for the long winter. However if you don’t live in a state where the lakes freeze over then I believe the best time to fish is late summer after spawning is over.

That’s about it.

Now that you know what a bass fishing secret is, find out what works for you because the best bass fishing secret is the one you keep the secret… PSSST….