122 Premium Hand Tied Fly Fishing Flies As Dry Flies Nymphs Fly Fishing Flies Kit


PROFESSIONALLY PICKED ASSORTMENT The most complete rigorously tested wellthoughtout package on the market with our 100% highquality or your money back guarantee. This package has been meticulously selected and thoroughly tested by fly fishing experts.
FISH APPROVED FLIES Get your hands on the ??triedandtrue?? ??fishapproved?? flies that have fooled even the smartest of fish. Who better to judge our flies than the fish themselves! Each pattern has been painstakingly tested and proven to catch fish on repeat. We??ve designed this set to work on a variety of streams lakes and rivers as well as in different conditions during various times of year and among several species. You??ll finally have the flies you need to outfish your friends!
MATCH THE HATCH With the absolute beginner fly fisherman in mind we??ve made this assortment super user friendly by providing each angler with helpful reference cards. You??ll be able to quickly understand what each fly looks like which bugs they imitate and when to use them. You??ll have the perfect recipe to ??match the hatch?? and catch tons of fish on all your adventures.
JUST ADD WATER This set contains 48 different patterns including dry flies wet flies nymphs terrestrials streamers eggs worms and more with sizes ranging from 820. They??ll work for a variety of species including trout bass panfish bluegill and more. Just add water!
HIGHQUALITY AT THE RIGHT PRICE Don??t get stuck having to buy outrageously expensive middleman marked up refinance the house priced gear. We cut out the middleman and sell our products directly to anglers creating a cost effective way to give you the equipment you need. You might even be able to show your loved ones the receipt without getting in trouble! Quality > Everything is our 100% guarantee.
NO NEED TO TIE YOUR OWN FLIES Let??s face it tying your own flies is a hobby inside of a hobby. While there is nothing more satisfying than catching a fish on a fly you??ve tied yourself we??re providing a safe economical option B without the sacrifice of quality or variety. If you haven??t found the time to tie your own flies we have over 70 different patterns.

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We’re Here to Help you Smash the Learning Curve

Fly Fishing is Hard ?C Especially for Beginners

Your success as an angler comes down to two things: 1) The gear you use and 2) The content you consume.

We’re a small group of passionate anglers from the heart of the Rocky Mountains UT. We live eat and breath everything fly fishing.

We’ve come together for one reason ?C to help fly fisherman SMASH THROUGH THE LEARNING CURVE FASTER AND EASIER THAN EVER BEFORE.

Whether you’re an absolute beginner intermediate or weekend warrior we’ve got the content and gear for you.

Match the Hatch ?C every time! Hit the Water With Confidence ?C Knowing You Have the Right Fly for Any Situation!

High Quality Premium Flies

Get your hands on the tried and true fish favorite patterns.

Who better to judge the flies than the fish themselves.


  • Mayflies
  • Caddis Flies
  • Midges
  • Stoneflies
  • Streamers


  • Winter
  • Spring
  • Summer
  • Fall


  • Trout
  • Bass
  • Panfish
  • Bluegill

Sharp Durable Hooks & High Quality Materials

A beautifully crafted fly is only as good as it’s hook.

Our hooks are made of premium steel to ensure they are sharp stay sharp and durable enough to handle a trophy fish fight.

Rest assured that only the highest quality materials are used to create our flies.

Hand Tied Quality Inspected


Some of them have been tying flies for over 20 years!

Each fly is inspected twice before it arrives to you.

Quality > Everything is our 100% promise.

EducationCentered Packaging

With the absolute beginner in mind we??ve included userfriendly reference cards and oriented the flies to match for easy identification.

You??ll be able to quickly understand what each fly looks like which bugs they imitate and when to use them.

No experience needed!

Innovative Customer Driven Design

We’re obsessively focused on our customers and relentless about meeting their needs.

We’re driven to harmonize our fly fishing and manufacturing expertise with customer feedback to build innovative high performance customer driven gear.

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