Fly Fishing Flies Kit 40/137pcs Dry/Wet Flie Dry Flies Nymphs Fly Fishing Flies Kit


This flies set contains 40Pcs flies In different sizes from 12mm to 15mm so that you will have the conditions to fish fishes you want.
6 Kinds pattern is selected based on the choice of experienced anglers. Vivid color and different styles feathers are to attract the fish.
Colorful and lifelike handtied flies. Fly fishing lures increase the chances of catching fish by imitating underwater prey to attract the attention of fish.
Fly BoxAll the fly fishing flies come in a fly box to keep your flies organized and dry.
Multiple color combinations of flies are suitable for fishing in a variety of conditions. Perfect for professional anglers and beginners.

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About Gofor Fishing Fly Fishing Flies Kits:

Our products all are made from the finest materials and backed by Gofor Fishing. With our large assortment of flyfishing gear to choose from we have something valuable for all fly anglers of all abilities.Whether you fishing in Winter Spring Summer or Fall the Gofor Fishing Fly Fishing Flies Kit will be a trout slayer.

100% Handtied by Professionals

Created by flyfishing professionals and 100% handmade produced. Our Dry & Wet flies come in a variety of colors and sizes so you can match the hatch at any time.

Classic&Trusted Patterns

Bright color metal fly head Delicate feathers and handtied by professionals with barbed strong hook it works lifelike.The Gofor Fishing Fly Fishing Dry & Wet Flies Kit will be a trout/salmon/ bass slayer.

Wide Range of Use

Musthave fly pattern effective catches fish on river lake pond and streams.Whether you fishing in winter spring summer or fall the Gofor Fishing Flies can bring you rich fishcaught!

Best Valued Flies Kit for Fishman

Suit for professional anglers and beginners who loves fly fishing.

Our flies kits bring you the best and valuable flyfishing experience. Great for casting practice.

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