Topwater Frog Lure Bass Trout Fishing Lures Dry Flies Nymphs Fly Fishing Flies Kit


Double 360??rotatable Feet Soles Designed with two propeller footboard which can swing the water surface flexibly and produce the effect of disturbing the water flow making the Frog lures easy to be noticed and attacked by the target fish.
Superior PVC Hollow Body Highquality PVC material makes the frog fishing bait flexible thick elastic and durable to withstand all violent of bites. Highly imitating appearance and vivid skin of frogs make the soft plastic lures more fatal and attractive.
No Sink Design Equipped with a moderate weight lead sinker perfectly connected with the PVC material making this top water lures difficult to sink. Used primarily for bass pike trout musky striper hybrid crappie walleye saugeye etc in freshwater.
Perfect 3D Simulation Design 3.5 inches long weighs 13g. Simulating the posture of the frog crawling on the water vividly and the excellent 3D eye design improve the sense of detail and realism and make it lifelike.
Rugged Penetrating Double Barbed Hook Double Wedness hooks are design for the mouth shape of freshwater fish. When being attacked the crankbait body quickly sinks leaking a sharp double hook and pierces quickly which can pierce quickly and increases hookup percentage.Essential addition to any fishing tackle box.

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